Intermediate/Advanced Pole

Intermediate/Advanced Pole

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Intermediate/Advanced Pole
  • The Luz with Crystal Lai

    This move is easier if you are more flexible. Working on flexibility should be part of your daily fitness routine.

  • Cartwheel with Steven Retchless

    Learn how to do a cartwheel with Steven Retchless. While Steven makes this look easy, it can be very intimidating trying this move for the first time and we highly suggest a spot and some mats! You must be able to do a solid cartwheel on the floor before attempting this!

  • Sneaky V Forearm Stand with Sydney Claire

    Work on this Sneak V from the floor with Sydney. This move requires a lot of back and core strength so do make sure you are at a high intermediate or advanced level before attempting this!

  • Cupid to Marion Amber with Anna Von Rossum

    Learn this Intermediate to Advanced Combo with Anna Von Rossum. You should feel totally comfortable in the Cupid as well as a Twisted Grip Handstand before attempting this move.