Beginner/Intermediate Pole

Beginner/Intermediate Pole

This Playlist will take you through Spins and transitions that are still upright but more difficult than the beginner pole moves. Once you have gained some upper body strength and really understand how to get momentum and engage the correct muscles it's time to move on to this playlist. Learn different grips and really start to get both feet off the ground.

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Beginner/Intermediate Pole
  • Bracket Grip Lazyboy Spin

    Tammy Morris teaches the Lazyboy Spin. Because this is a bracket grip it can be classified as an intermediate spin. You want to make sure that you have developed the strength for this by mastering your beginner pole moves first! Make sure to watch the Bracket Grip Foundation tutorial before att...

  • Lyrical Pole Routine with Nick Mui

    This Lyrical routine is suitable for all levels except for the Crunch Spin which is more of an intermediate move. Follow along while Nick takes you step by step through this flowing piece that could be added to any routine.

  • Tammy The Rock Star Spin

    This is a really fun spin that can be learned progressively and scaled back to a beginner move or, by grabbing the leg, made into more of an intermediate spin.

    Taught by Tammly Morris

  • The Windmill

    Tammy Morris

  • Spin Pole Foundations

    Veronica Solimano

  • The Hinge

    Anna Von Rossum

  • Twizzler Combo - Tammy Morris

    Once you have learned the Twizzler, Lazyboy, Bucking Horse and Corkscrew separately, it's time to put everything together. If one move in a combo is not something that you have achieved yet, don't be afraid to replace it with one of you favourite moves!

    Taught by Tammy Morris

  • The Top Spin ]

    The Top Spin is really just a different way to come out of the Back Spin so be sure to watch our Back Spin tutorial first. This is actually easier in heels so it's perfect for Exotic Dance. Coming out it requires a bit more upper body strength which classifies this as a beginner/intermediate sp...

  • Split Spin

    Tammy Morris takes you through the Split Spin which doesn't have to be landed in the splits. A half or jazz split is just a pretty if you don't have the flexibility.

  • Ballroom Spin

    Julie Chapple teaches the Ballroom Spin. This is a bracket grip and should not be attempted until you feel strong enough to spin around the pole with one arm. This is more of a beginner/intermediate spin.

  • Hovering Proposal

    Tammy Morris teaches you the Hovering Proposal. This transition move is an advanced version of the regular Proposal, therefore you should learn the latter first. This move can be done with our without heels making it great for any pole dance routine including Exotic and Lyrical.

  • Juliette Spin

    Julie Chapple teaches you this beginner/intermediate spin. This spin is great for both Exotic and Lyrical and can be brought to standing or take you down to the floor.

  • Bracket Grip Foundations

    Tammy Morris teaches you how to properly do a bracket grip hold. It's so important to pull with the top arm and not put all your weight into the bottom arm to avoid injury. Make sure to watch this video before attempting any bracket hold pole move. This is more of a beginner/intermediate pole m...

  • Spinning Witch Sit with Tania

    Learn the technique and grace of getting into and out of the Witch Sit on a spinning pole.

  • AttitudenSpin Combo with Tania

    Learn the back stag transitioning to front stag position on the spinning pole.

  • Jamilla Spin into Single Leg Attitude on spin with Tania

    Learn this elegant and pretty move with Tania. Remember to really engage the lats and obliques to turn into the pole.