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Tired of paying high studio membership fees?
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Looking to get more flexible?
Hoping to gain some confidence?
Wanting to learn a sexy dance for a loved one?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Tantra Tutorials is the sexiest online fitness studio offering over 470 HD video lessons! Learn from the comfort of your own home on or off the pole. Learn Pole Fitness, Exotic Dance, Lap Dance, Striptease, Flexibility and more, all for the low price of $11.99 per month! From beginners to advanced, there is something for everyone.

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  • Beginner Pole
    12 videos

    Beginner Pole

    12 videos

    Once you have watched your foundation videos, it's time to move into beginner spins and transitions.

  • Beginner Pole Transitions

    4 videos

    These transitions can be used between pole moves, to get to the floor or to get on the pole. They are still moves and should be done safely and given as much importance as pole moves themselves.

  • Erotica/Floor Work & Lap Dance

    69 videos

    Learn Erotic Floor Work and Lap Dance moves so that you can put things together into a routine. Many of these moves can be stylized differently to add into a Lyrical or pole combo routine. Take the heals off and add your own style. Once you have watched this playlist, head over to the Erotic a...

  • Beginner/Intermediate Pole

    13 videos

    This Playlist will take you through Spins and transitions that are still upright but more difficult than the beginner pole moves. Once you have gained some upper body strength and really understand how to get momentum and engage the correct muscles it's time to move on to this playlist. Learn d...

  • Flexibility
    14 videos


    14 videos

    From light stretches to contortion, we have it all in this Flexibility Playlist.

  • Intermediate Pole

    35 videos

    This Playlist will take you through intermediate pole moves on both spinning and static poles. It's finally time to start inverting and learning how basic tricks such as climbing and holds. Make sure to watch all the foundation videos on inverting first!

  • Twerk
    15 videos


    15 videos

    Learn how to twerk with some of the best twerkers in the industry!

  • Intermediate Pole Transitions

    10 videos

    Learn transitions that take you to the floor, form the floor to the pole and from move to move. In this intermediate playlist you will need a bit more upper body strength to achieve the moves. You can also use these transitions in any style.

  • Advanced Pole Tricks

    51 videos

  • Warm Up and Cool Down

    6 videos

    Make sure to do a proper warm up and cool down before exercising to prevent injury.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Pole

    15 videos

  • Strength & Conditioning

    12 videos

    Need to get stronger to achieve your pole tricks? These tutorials will help you strengthen all your pole muscles!

  • Beginner Pole Foundations

    5 videos

    If you are new to Pole, this is where you start! Please make sure to watch the foundations videos first to make sure you understand correct technique, body positioning and muscle engagement.

  • Exotic Pole Dance

    51 videos

    Learn Exotic Dance, also known as S//tripper Style, form some of the very best in the business. Make sure to watch the Erotica/Floorwork play list as well as so many of those moves are used in the Exotic routines.