Beginner Pole Class Playlist

Beginner Pole Class Playlist

After the warm up video, you will learn all the essential safety and techniques for pole right from walking and how to grip the pole! The focus is on things such as muscle engagement and body alignment.

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Beginner Pole Class Playlist
  • Dance Warm Up

    Julie Chapple

  • FOUNDATIONS - Walking and Wrist Safety

    The fundamentals of wrist safety is sometimes one of the biggest learning curves when learning how to Pole Dance. It's very easy to get focused on the move rather than keeping the wrist straight, but it's so important to avoid long term stress injuries. Please watch this video before attempting...

  • FOUNDATIONS - Set up and Momentum Spin (AKA Tilt-a-Whirl)

    The more momentum the lighter the load. The lighter the load, the less stress on the joints. This video is imperative in order to understand how to tap into the momentum to become a more graceful poler and to avoid injury. The momentum spin is also called the Tilt-a-Whirl. Please watch before...

  • FOUNDATIONS - Shoulder Engagement

    Understanding which muscles you are using will not only help you progress faster but also help you avoid injury. The shoulders are the most unstable parts of the whole body so understanding how to tap into the back muscles and avoid hanging off the shoulders is essential. Please watch this vide...

  • The Back Slide

    This beginner transition move is so versatile and can be used in any style including Exotic and Lyrical. It can be used to take you down to the floor or just as a pretty move in between spins.

    Taught by Tammy Morris

  • Backspin with Tammy

    The Backspin is a fun and diverse move! You can use this to continue practicing your momentum or use a different entrance or exit to change the look.

  • Cool Down Stretch

    Julie Chapple