Beginner Pole Foundations

Beginner Pole Foundations

If you are new to Pole, this is where you start! Please make sure to watch the foundations videos first to make sure you understand correct technique, body positioning and muscle engagement.

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Beginner Pole Foundations
  • Bracket Grip Foundations

    Tammy Morris teaches you how to properly do a bracket grip hold. It's so important to pull with the top arm and not put all your weight into the bottom arm to avoid injury. Make sure to watch this video before attempting any bracket hold pole move. This is more of a beginner/intermediate pole m...

  • FOUNDATIONS - Set up and Momentum Spin (AKA Tilt-a-Whirl)

    The more momentum the lighter the load. The lighter the load, the less stress on the joints. This video is imperative in order to understand how to tap into the momentum to become a more graceful poler and to avoid injury. The momentum spin is also called the Tilt-a-Whirl. Please watch before...

  • FOUNDATIONS - Abdominal Engagement

    You can have someone tell you how to engage your core but do you really know how to do that? Watch this video to learn how to engage your core for pole spins.

  • FOUNDATIONS - Shoulder Engagement

    Understanding which muscles you are using will not only help you progress faster but also help you avoid injury. The shoulders are the most unstable parts of the whole body so understanding how to tap into the back muscles and avoid hanging off the shoulders is essential. Please watch this vide...

  • FOUNDATIONS - Walking and Wrist Safety

    The fundamentals of wrist safety is sometimes one of the biggest learning curves when learning how to Pole Dance. It's very easy to get focused on the move rather than keeping the wrist straight, but it's so important to avoid long term stress injuries. Please watch this video before attempting...