Beginner Pole Playlist #3

Beginner Pole Playlist #3

Once you have watched the Beginner Pole Class Playlist and you have your fundamental movement, it's time to continue to work on your strength while learning more beginner moves. Do be sure to watch the Beginner Playlist first as it is important to understand the momentum, learn the safety cues an set up positions. Once you have worked with all the Beginner Playlists, it would be time to start watching the Beginner Pole Routines.

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Beginner Pole Playlist #3
  • Warm Up with Rachel

    You can use this full body warm up to prepare your muscles for anything from conditioning to practicing your pole tricks!




  • Baby Ballerina

    Tammy Morris will teach you how to do the Ballerina. As you can see, she is pregnant in this video. Please consult your physician before participating in any new exercise if you are pregnant.

    This is a beginner pole spin and can be any stylized for exotic, lyrical or kept as a pole spin.

  • Crossover Spins

    Tammy Morris teaches you this transitional pole move that be can be used in all styles including Exotic or Lyrical.

  • Windtunnel Spin

    This Beginner Spin is a side set up so it can be a bit more challenging that the moves that face the pole so make sure to master the front facing moves first.

    Taught by Winnie Lai

  • Cool Down Stretch

    Julie Chapple