Burlesque is the original form of striptease and is often less erotic and more "showy" than today's exotic style.

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  • Burlesque Knee Swivels with Lola Frost

    Learn the Knee Swivels with the iconic Lola Frost. This is taught Burlesque style but can be adapted to many styles including Exotic and Lap Dancing.

  • Chair Grind Sit with Lola Frost

    Learn a simple but sexy Burlesque move with a chair. This move can be stylized to suit Lap Dance, Exotic or any other type of sensual dance. This move is taught by the infamous Lola Frost.

  • Classic Burlesque Movement Routine

    Learn a classic Burlesque routine with Lola Frost. These movements can be slightly stylized to use in Exotic or Erotic as well.

  • Around the World Kicks

    Learn these Around the World Kicks with the legendary Lola Frost.

  • Burlesque - Walk on Air

    Learn the Walk on Air, a Burlesque move taught by the amazing Lola Frost. Because Burlesque is the original form of Striptease, it can be slightly stylized and used in Exotic, Lap Dance or any other style of Erotic based movement.

  • Burlesque - Foundations

    Learn the foundations of burlesque with Lola Frost. We recommend watching this before putting any of the burlesque routines together.