Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic Pole Dance

Learn Exotic Dance, also known as S//tripper Style, form some of the very best in the business. Make sure to watch the Erotica/Floorwork play list as well as so many of those moves are used in the Exotic routines.

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Exotic Pole Dance
  • Walking On Thin Air with Sonja Sloane

    This moves takes strength in the core and lats. If you are not quite strong enough you will feel yourself moving or rotating.

  • Twirly Transition with Sonja Sloane

    Follow along step by step as Sonja Sloane guides you through the Twirly Transition. This move is a bit more demanding than it appears so make sure you have the pull strength in your arms and back to achieve this move.

  • Brass Angel Combo with Lily

    Learn this fun trick to transition from the pole to the floor. This is an intermediate to advanced movement. It can be stylized to suit any style of pole dance but we have labelled it as Exotic because Lily is wearing Pleasers.

  • Funky Monkey Combo with Lily

    Learn this advanced Combo with Lily. Make sure that you have enough core strength to achieve this combo without wobbling. Extending your spin into the split will help balance in this position. Practicing forearm stands against the pole, controlling the mount and dismount is a great way to work ...

  • Kip Flip with Lily

    This intermediate/advanced move should only be attempted if you are really comfortable in a elbow or handstand position on the ground. Your core should be extremely engaged to prevent wobbling when sliding up the pole.

  • Forward Roll Kip with Tammy Morris

    Learn the Forward Roll Kip with Tammy Morris. This advanced move can be a very nervous move so make sure to use a mat first ! This move is most comfortable with shoes to protect the toes, therefore making it more of an Exotic Dance style.

  • Garbage Grinder with Lily

    Follow along step by step as Lily teaches you the Garbage Grinder. This move requires core strength to keep you stabilized and balanced. This move can be done with or without heels and used for any style of pole.

  • Hot Dog Bun with Sonja Sloane

    This ,move takes core strength and flexibility to get up and over. Follow along with Sonja and she takes you through it step by step.

  • Spinning Climb w/ Jay Park

    Learn how to graceful get in and out of this spinning climb. It can be used in any style of pole and is executed on a spinning pole.

  • Shoulder Mount Walk with Sonja

    Learn the Shoulder Mount Walk with Sonja Sloan. This is an intermediate move that can be used in an exotic or lyrical routine as well as a conditioning exercise or pressed up into a full shoulder mount.

  • Intermediate Russian Exotic Routine with Jay Park

    Learn a Russian Exotic style routine with Jay Park. This is a beginner to intermediate routine.

  • Exotic Intermediate 1 with Jay

    Learn this Intermediate Exotic routine with Jay Park.

  • Int/Adv Combo with Clara

    Learn this sexy Exotic intermediate to advanced combo with Clara Wong. Make sure that you have the strength to achieve the apprentice.

  • Int Exotic Combo with Tammy

    Tammy takes you through this Intermediate Exotic Dance Combo.

  • Beginner to Intermediate Exotic Combo with Jay

    Follow along with Jay Park as she takes you through a super fluid sexy exotic routine. Make sure you are comfortable with the foundational movements such as body waves and figure eights.

  • Windmill To Pole Sit with Sonja Sloane

    You should master your Windmill before attempting this move. If you have not, please view our Windmill tutorial.

  • Crossover Spins

    Tammy Morris teaches you this transitional pole move that be can be used in all styles including Exotic or Lyrical.

  • Hovering Proposal

    Tammy Morris teaches you the Hovering Proposal. This transition move is an advanced version of the regular Proposal, therefore you should learn the latter first. This move can be done with our without heels making it great for any pole dance routine including Exotic and Lyrical.

  • Split Spin

    Tammy Morris takes you through the Split Spin which doesn't have to be landed in the splits. A half or jazz split is just a pretty if you don't have the flexibility.

  • Spot Spins

    The Spot Spins are one of Tammy Morris's signature moves. This takes a lot of practice and can adapt to any style including Exotic Dance.

  • The Top Spin ]

    The Top Spin is really just a different way to come out of the Back Spin so be sure to watch our Back Spin tutorial first. This is actually easier in heels so it's perfect for Exotic Dance. Coming out it requires a bit more upper body strength which classifies this as a beginner/intermediate sp...

  • The Clock

    The Clock is a beginner transition move that can be used in any style of pole including Exotic and Lyrical.

    Taught by Julie Chapple.

  • The Back Bend Kick

    This beginner transition is a beautiful move that can be used in Exotic and Lyrical. Make sure to watch our tutorial on the Backbend first.

    Taught by Tammy Morris

  • The Back Slide

    This beginner transition move is so versatile and can be used in any style including Exotic and Lyrical. It can be used to take you down to the floor or just as a pretty move in between spins.

    Taught by Tammy Morris