Full Length Classes

Full Length Classes

These classes are between 30 and 60 minutes and will include a warm up and stretch/cool down. If you have a hard tine with any of the moves, make sure to watch individual tutorials.

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Full Length Classes
  • Sexy Flexy with Tammy

    Time to get moving with one of Tantra's classic stretch and mobility classes with Tammy. This class starts with isolated movements in the hips and ribcage and then down to the floor to stretch the lower half of the body. We spend so much time hunched forward and in a linear position, this is lif...

  • Eroticize with Tammy

    This class is similar to Erotica but will stay in the movements longer to really gain the conditioning benefits. We will still create an Erotica Floor Routine to put together in the end. All levels welcome, heels are optional but highly recommended!

  • Splits with Leanne

    Whether you have never attempted the splits, working on that last inch, or if you are trying to achieve the over-split, this full length class will open the specific muscle groups that will allow you to access your splits-ability! All levels welcomed!

  • Chair Dance with Clara

    In this class, you will learn a choreographed routine combining floorwork, sensual movement, and chair tricks. Chair dance is different from lap dance as you are not performing for a partner seated in the chair. Instead, you will use the chair as an apparatus, similar to a pole, a hoop or silks, ...

  • Erotica L1 with Clara

    Bring your high heels and get ready to unleash your inner vixen by gaining body awareness and confidence in this super fun class.
    Each class will focus on a specific technique, transition, and/or aspect of Erotica. And, like all our erotica classes, you will be taught a different routine each cla...

  • Pole 101 FULL Class - Mermaid

    Follow along with Tammy as she guides you through Pole 101 feauturing the Mermaid Spin. This class includes a warm up, conditioning, the Mermaid Spin, the Backbend to the floor and a cool down. Focus is on the fundamentals of getting momentum, muscle engagement and safety.

  • Build A Booty with July Julz - FULL LENGTH CLASS

    Are you ready for a booty heavy workout? Sculpt, tone and tighten those buns in this high-energy booty-building class. You will combine cardio, weight training and exercises focusing on the legs and butt to keep your booty in-check all year round. Wear your runners, grab a water bottle and get re...

  • Exotic L1 Class with Tammy

    This is a full length Exotic L1 class that includes a short warm up and a full broken down routine.

  • Intermediate Pole Lab with Geena

    Go through a warm up, conditioning, two pole moves and a stretch with the amazing Geena. The first move is a static flip and the second move is a pose from a Brass Monkey.

  • Dancer's Stretch with Julie C

    This 35 min tutorial is great for those of you in a hurry that need a good stretch. Stretching is so under rated! Take 35 minutes to do something amazing for yourself. We promise, you won't regret it.

  • Full Length Dancer Conditioning Class with Robbie Hebert

    Follow along with Robbie as he takes you through a variety of dance techniques to strengthen your entire body including exercises for extensions and toe points.

  • Full Length Pole Fit Class with Maria Marlow

    If you have hit a plateau or just want to work on strength to help you get stronger faster, this is the class for you! Maria is an amazing teacher that offers lots of options for all levels!

  • Full Length Lap Dance Class with Tammy

    Learn this sexy all levels Lap Dance routine with Tammy. You will need two chairs facing each other or a chair and a couch.

  • Bendy back with Jennifer

    This full length class will warm you up and prepare you for your back bends. You will spend the first half prepping for a full bridge. You will learn different entrances and levels for entering into and while in the bridge. The class will end with some abs to help avoid overstressing the lower ...

  • Safe shoulders with Jennifer

    This full length class will work on strengthening and stabilizing the shoulders while keeping them flexible. This is such a useful class for anyone doing Aerials or Pole, as well as just overall injury prevention.

  • Holiday Lap Dance with Tammy

    Learn a full lap dance routine that you can use on your partner or practice to get strong and sexy! Tammy will break down each move for you as she goes throughs the routine. This class is for all levels.

  • Lyrical L1 with Sandy

    This is a full length class that includes a warm up, conditioning, a full Lyrical routine and a cool down.

  • Sexy Flexy May 2022

    From standing, you will start with hip and ribcage circles. Eventually you will head to the floor to continue doing a series of dynamic movements to help increase mobility and flexibility. We will end the class with working on our splits.