Intermediate/Advanced Pole

Intermediate/Advanced Pole

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Intermediate/Advanced Pole
  • Floor Twist to Level_1

  • Cupid to Vertical Spinning Split

    Tara Meyer

  • Straddle to Shoulder Mount Split

    Tara Meyer

  • Bondage Split with Julie

    This split requires not only mobility in the shoulder, but also flexibility in the hamstring.

  • Double Elbow Jade with Natasha Wang

    Learn the Double Elbow Jade with the legendary Natasha Wang.

  • Single Arm Pole Handstand from Frog with Terri Fierce

    Learn how to get into a one arm handstand from a Frog with Terri Fierce. You really want to make sure that you have a strong core so that you don't wobble.

  • Ballerina Spin Combo with Lily

    This Intermediate/Advanced move is even more dramatic if you have a lot flexibility in the areas of the low back, shoulders and hips. It is also more visually beautiful on a spin pole. Do not Shoulder Mount dismount unless you are already very comfortable in your Shoulder Mount.

  • Kip Flip with Lily

    This intermediate/advanced move should only be attempted if you are really comfortable in a elbow or handstand position on the ground. Your core should be extremely engaged to prevent wobbling when sliding up the pole.

  • Bow to Shoulder Mount with Sonja Sloane

    Follow along with Sonja as she breaks down this fun trick step by step. You should feel confident with your shoulder mounts before attempting this move.

  • Toss It

    They don't call this guy Bad Azz for no reason. Learn this Intermediate to Advanced Pole move with Josiah Grant. This move will be slightly easier if you have the flexibility but it is achievable by all!

  • Caterpillar Climb

    This intermediate to advanced climb is really dependent on technique. Make sure to arch up high to engage the back muscles rather than just pushing straight up. It will make a huge difference.

    Taught by Crystal Lai

  • Aerial Iguana

  • phoenix kazree

  • Russian Layback

  • Side Valdez Mount

    Natasha Wang

  • Intermediate to Advanced Spin Combo - Tammy into Jamilla

    This intermediate to advanced combo starts with a climb then Aerial Straddle Invert, Tammy into Jamilla, and finishes with a knee spin.

    Taught by Tania Chew

  • Intermediate Advanced Pole Combo - Superman to the Hazel

    This intermediate to advanced pole combo starts with an Aerial Invert, into the Tammy, a Superman, Aerial Shoulder Mount, and finishes with the Hazel.

    Presented by Tammy Morris

  • The Peacock

    This move is intermediate when used solely as a dismount. It becomes advanced if the handstand position is held.

    Taught by Julie Chapple.

  • The Yogini

    This intermediate to advanced pole trick can be painful in the beginning. Really make sure you are engaging all your muscles rather than just hanging from the skin.

    Taught by Julie Chapple

  • Titanic

    This Intermediate to advanced pole move can be practiced closer to the ground in the superman. To keep it intermediate use side mounts instead of shoulder mounts and don't invert aerially.

    Taught by Veronica Solimano

  • The Iguana

    Tammy Morris

  • The Luz

    Crystal Lai

  • Bone Crusher with Brandon Grimm

    Follow along with the amazing Brandon Grimm as teachers you the Bone Crusher. This is an intermediate to advanced moved depending on how you enter into it so do make sure you have the core strength before attempting this move.

  • Genie to Shoulder Mount Split with Tara Meyer

    Learn the Genie to Shoulder Mount Split with International pole superstar Tara Meyer.