Intermediate Pole

Intermediate Pole

This Playlist will take you through intermediate pole moves on both spinning and static poles. It's finally time to start inverting and learning how basic tricks such as climbing and holds. Make sure to watch all the foundation videos on inverting first!

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Intermediate Pole
  • A-Girl with Anna

    This fun move is a great alternative to the B-Girl. If you have tight shoulder's try this move first.

  • Spinning Climb Combo w/Terri Fierce

    Learn this Spinning Climb Combo with Terri Fierce. This is an intermediate combo so make sure you have the strength in the back shoulder and core as well as feel comfortable with climbing.

  • Handstand Split with Natasha Wang

    Learn the Handstand Split with Natasha Wang. Make sure you have a strong core in order to stabilize in this move. If you are lacking mobility in the shoulders, this move will feel very difficult so make sure to do active stretches for your hips and shoulders before attempting the move.

  • Garbage Grinder with Lily

    Follow along step by step as Lily teaches you the Garbage Grinder. This move requires core strength to keep you stabilized and balanced. This move can be done with or without heels and used for any style of pole.

  • Jasmine to Martini Sit with Nick Mui

    Learn how to transition from a Jasmine to a Martini Sit with Nick Mui.

  • L Shape Handstand Combo with Sonja Sloane

    Learn how to go from Straddle to Inside Leg Hang, L Shape Handstand and finish with a Shoulder Mount Descent. The amazing Sonja Sloane takes you through this intermediate combo step by step.

  • Pinwheel with Yukari

    This is a really pretty move that can be done on the ground. This can be split up and used as two moves with the cartwheel being a bit more difficult than the spin. Make sure you have the strength and confidence before attempting the cartwheel.
    Taught by Yukari

  • Hanka's Low Crunch Spin

    Veronica presents Hanka's Low Crunch Spin. This move is executed on a spinning pole and can be used in any genre including Lyrical and Exotic.

  • Forearm Stand

    Winnie Lai teaches you the forearm stand which can be used to strengthen the lats and core as well as being a nice move used at the bottom of the pole.

  • The Step-up

    Leran this fun way to get up the pole!

    Taught by Crystal Lai.

  • The Flag

    At Tantra, we call this the flag but it has many different names including Half Mast. This is a fun power move and their a couple different ways to do it. Under the armpit or higher up the arm to get leverage from the back muscles. This is a higher arm version.

    Taught by Tammy Morris

  • The Tammy

    Learn the Tammy from the originator herself, Tammy Morris. This position is mainly used as a transition between moves.

  • Spinning Invert Control-

    Tania Chew

  • The Jasmine

    This fun move can be used as a move on it's own or as a transition between moves. This staple is taught by the talented Veronica Solimano.

  • Straddle Inversion

    Winnie Lai

  • The Superman

    Tammy Morris

  • Vertical Spinning Split

    Tara Meyer

  • Pencil to Flare Spin Combo

    Veronica Solimano

  • Witch Drop

    Veronica Solimano

  • X Grab Inversion


  • Shoulder Mount

    Tammy Morris

  • Straddle to Butterfly Combo


  • Fallen Angel

    Tammy Morris