Intermediate Pole Transitions

Intermediate Pole Transitions

Learn transitions that take you to the floor, form the floor to the pole and from move to move. In this intermediate playlist you will need a bit more upper body strength to achieve the moves. You can also use these transitions in any style.

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Intermediate Pole Transitions
  • Spot Spins

    The Spot Spins are one of Tammy Morris's signature moves. This takes a lot of practice and can adapt to any style including Exotic Dance.

  • Pinwheel with Yukari

    This is a really pretty move that can be done on the ground. This can be split up and used as two moves with the cartwheel being a bit more difficult than the spin. Make sure you have the strength and confidence before attempting the cartwheel.
    Taught by Yukari

  • Switch Split Jump

    Julie Chapple

  • X-Grab Climb


  • The Spring


  • The Leprechaun Jump

    Julie Chapple

  • The Flag Transition

    Terri Fierce

  • Hovering Proposal

    Tammy Morris teaches you the Hovering Proposal. This transition move is an advanced version of the regular Proposal, therefore you should learn the latter first. This move can be done with our without heels making it great for any pole dance routine including Exotic and Lyrical.

  • Fouette Jump

    Julie Chapple teaches you the Foutte Jump. This jump is a beginner transition and suitable for Lyrical or a Pole Art style.

  • Knee Pit Mount with Natasha Wang

    Learn this fun Knee Pit Mount transition from the floor to the pole!

  • Clara Pole Fish Flop

    This Pole Fish Flop is a really fun move. It does however take core strength to get all the way around that pole so do make sure that you are ready to attempt this intermediate move. This move can be stylized for anything from Exotic to Lyrical.