This Playlist consists of routines of all styles including Exotic, Lap Dance, Erotica and Lyrical. It also includes on and off the pole.

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  • Advanced Erotica Routine with Tammy Morris

    Learn this upbeat Erotica routine that starts standing and then heads down to the floor. Tammy will break down each move for you. Most of these moves are advanced so if you need more explanation on moves such as the Ninja Turtle, look for the individual tutorials under Erotica, Floorwork and La...

  • Intermediate Lyrical Spin Routine with Nick

    Follow Mick as he breaks down a Intermediate Lyrical Routine that starts off with a Windmill, backspin, shoulder roll, climb, Jasmine and Martini Sit. Make sure you have all these individual moves mastered before learning this routine.

  • Level 1 Erotica Routine with Keilana

    Learn this sexy level one erotica routine with Keilana.

  • Level 2 Exotic Pole Routine with Clara

    This Level 2 routine includes a Carousel Spin, Pirate Spin, Pirouette, Juliette Spin and more...

  • Keilana Level 1 Chair Dance Routine

    Follow along with Keilana as she takes you through a sensual chair dance. This routine is meant for all levels.

  • Level 2 Erotica Routine with Keilana

    Follow along as Keilana takes you through a sexy Level 2 Erotica routine.

  • Tammy L2 Erotica Routine

    Let Tammy take you through a fun upbeat intermediate Erotica routine.

  • Clara Exotic Level 2

    This level 2 routine is for those who already have a good grasp of all the Exotic fundamental movements.

  • Floorwork Routine Featuring the Worm with Sydney Claire

    This Floorwork Routine is advanced as it includes the Worm from standing as well as a Kip. Make sure you have the core and arm strength to attempt these moves.

  • Advanced Low Flow Exotic Dance Routine with Sydney Claire

    This Exotic Routine includes a Shoulder Roll to Trap Split Roll, Floor Crescent and Floor Sneaky V. This routine is a more advanced routine so you will need the core strength to achieve these moves.

  • Burlesque Boudoir Striptease Routine with Lola Frost

    Learn the basics of authentic Burlesque Striptease movement with the amazing Lola Frost. Being able to dance and remove your clothing at the same time is like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time! Let Lola guide you step by step to achieve this classic artform.

  • Exotic Dance Level 2/3 with Tammy

    This upbeat L2/3 Exotic Routine includes a mid pole bracket grip and single arm iguana flip so do make sure you are an advanced poler and have the strength to execute these moves safely!

  • Tammy's Intermediate Exotic Routine #3

    This sexy upbeat routine includes a Windmill, Buttshelf and Shoulder Stand along with lots of transitions. If there are any moves within the routine that you would like to see breakdowns for, please just search for those specific tutorials!