Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Advanced Combo (Aerial Inversion to Side Split)

Advanced Pole Tricks • 4m 54s

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  • Advanced Combo (Monkey Climb to Elbow...

    This advanced static combo starts with an intermediate spin, and a floor transition. It then goes into a Monkey Climb, Elbow Jade, Fallen Angel, Leg Switch, Pole Sit, and finishes off with a Lay Back into the Janero.

    Presented by Vanessa Power

  • Advanced Combo (Superman to Titanic)

    Superman into Titanic, Aerial Shoulder Mount, Brass Monkey sit up, and Teddy Bear Straddle twist to Slinky.

    Presented by Veronica Solimano

  • Walkover Mount

    This advanced pole move can be used to catch and sit up or followed through into a full walkover. It may also be held in a one arm handstand.

    Presented by Julie Chapple