Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Intermediate Advanced Pole Combo - Superman to the Hazel

Intermediate/Advanced Pole • 3m 16s

Up Next in Intermediate/Advanced Pole

  • The Peacock

    This move is intermediate when used solely as a dismount. It becomes advanced if the handstand position is held.

    Taught by Julie Chapple.

  • The Yogini

    This intermediate to advanced pole trick can be painful in the beginning. Really make sure you are engaging all your muscles rather than just hanging from the skin.

    Taught by Julie Chapple

  • Titanic

    This Intermediate to advanced pole move can be practiced closer to the ground in the superman. To keep it intermediate use side mounts instead of shoulder mounts and don't invert aerially.

    Taught by Veronica Solimano