Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Inverted Ankle Split - Rosalyn

Advanced Pole Tricks • 3m 9s

Up Next in Advanced Pole Tricks

  • Brass Monkey to Twisted Grip Handspring

    This Advanced Pole Move is broken down step by step by the amazing and talented Brandon Grim. You should be extremely confident doing aerial inverts and the Twisted Grip Handspring before attempting this move.


    Veronica Solimano teaches you the Ninja Leap. This is an advanced move and you should have a solid shoulder mount before attempting it.

  • Jamilla Flip Out

    This advanced pole move should only be attempted if you have mastered the Apprentice and are not putting much weight into that bottom arm. Its best to do this with a spot and/or mat the first time trying.

    Taught by Terri Fierce