Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Ballroom Spin

Beginner/Intermediate Pole • 2m 31s

Up Next in Beginner/Intermediate Pole

  • High Impact Rodeo

    Please watch the Backspin video before attempting this move as it is just a high impact version of it. As you can see, Tammy is pregnant in this video. Please consult your physician before partaking in any new exercise program if you are pregnant. This is more of a beginner/intermediate pole mo...

  • Hovering Proposal

    Tammy Morris teaches you the Hovering Proposal. This transition move is an advanced version of the regular Proposal, therefore you should learn the latter first. This move can be done with our without heels making it great for any pole dance routine including Exotic and Lyrical.

  • Juliette Spin

    Julie Chapple teaches you this beginner/intermediate spin. This spin is great for both Exotic and Lyrical and can be brought to standing or take you down to the floor.