Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

Watch this video and more on Tantra Tutorials

apprentice move

Intermediate Pole • 4m 17s

Up Next in Intermediate Pole

  • Pirouette Spin

    Veronica Solimano teaches you this Pirouette Spin on a spinning pole. This intermediate spin can be challenging if you don't have the strength in the top arm. You should be very comfortable with spinning pole to attempt this move. You can stylize this for Lyrical and/or Exotic as well.

  • Alternating Side Climb w/ Natasha Wang

    This Alternating Side Climb, which is a variation of an Ankle Climb is done on the spin pole. While Natasha makes this look easy, it's anything but! The strength is coming from the upper body and core not the legs so make sure you have a strong Ankle Climb before attempting this.